Flying Kites

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March 28th, 2011

Grammy had many things to do on Mondays.  She had to do the laundry and buy groceries. She had to water the flowers and pull the weeds and feed and walk the dog.  Grammy made sure that all of her chores were done by three o’clock. At three o’clock her grandchildren would get off the school bus and run home to change their clothes and meet Grammy in the backyard.  Only on Mondays could they do their homework after dinner instead of after school.

On Mondays they flew kites with Grammy.  Sometimes Grammy helped them make homemade kites from old newspapers with rags for tails.  Grammy bought kites from many places when she traveled.  She had a large barrel in her basement in which she kept bright colored kites, dragon kites, princess kites and kites with stars and stripes.

Grammy had a lot of grandchildren.  On some Mondays only the boys flew kites with Grammy.  Michael, Nicholas, Mac, Sam, Ben, Jack and even baby Graham loved the Mondays that they flew kites with Grammy because on those days Grammy brought out all of the dragon kites.

The boys would pretend to be knights and race to see whose dragon could fly the highest and stay in the sky the longest.  They would duel each other and try not to tangle their strings.  They would run up and down the yard.  They always had to remind Grammy to tie her shoes before running with her kite.

When it was the girls turn to fly kites with Grammy, they always chose the ones with pretty colors.  Jaye loved green. Sophia’s favorite was blue.  Grace and Emma always chose pink and purple or purple and pink depending upon who chose first.  Elena only wanted yellow or “lellow” as she would say.  Natalie and Abby and Victoria were much too small to fly kites so Grammy always let them help her.

One bright, sunny Monday the strings for all of the girls  kites became tangled together.  They didn’t know what to do.  Grammy had an idea.  She went into the house and got a piece of paper and a pen.  The girls watched Grammy write something on the paper.  Grammy tied the strings together and attached the paper.  She told the girls to sit down on the grass and watch.  Grammy let go of all the strings.  The kites and the note flew up and away.  The kites went higher and higher until they could no longer see them. The girls asked Grammy what the note said. “Enjoy our Monday rainbow, we hope it makes you smile” said Grammy. “Someone will get a grand surprise,” said Sophia.  They all clapped and laughed.

When the boys heard about the girls great kite adventure, they asked Grammy if they could let the dragon kites fly away to a land of castles and knights.  Grammy thought that was a wonderful idea. The next Monday when they had all the kites flying in the air, Grammy tied the strings together.  Sam wanted to write the note to send with their kites.  Everyone agreed.  Sam gave Grammy the yellow paper on which he had written the note. Before Grammy tied the note to the strings she read what Sam had written to everyone. “Enjoy our Monday dragons, we hope you have your swords and shields,” it said.  The boys laughed and cheered.  They knew the knights in the far away land would be surprised and eager to fight their dragons.

When the dinner bell rang the children started for home. “What will we fly next Monday?” they asked Grammy. “Kites” said Grammy.“We will go fly kites.” As Grammy walked home she thought about the best kites to fly next Monday. “Flowers for the girls she said to herself. “We will have a garden in the sky Cats and dogs for the boys” she thought.  We will pretend it is raining cats and dogs.  Grammy only had to stop once to tie her shoes.

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