A Trip to the Lake

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March 28th, 2011

Very early one Saturday morning Grammy wondered how she should spend the day. She could rake the leaves or clean the garage but neither of those things would be much fun.  Grammy thought this particular Saturday should be for fun. She especially liked to have fun with her grandchildren. “What could we do today that would make us smile and enjoy this bright fall day?” she thought.
“I have a great idea!” Grammy said to herself. “We can go to the lake cottage.” The children loved the lake and they always had a fun time driving to the lake.  Grammy had a very old cottage at the lake and her grandchildren loved to explore the woods around the cottage.

First Grammy had to decide whom to take to the lake with her. She could only take six grandchildren safely locked in seat belts and car seats in her car. “I think the six oldest will be best  she thought.”

Grammy called Jaye and Michael and asked them if they could go to the lake with her.  Jaye was nine and Michael was eight.  They were Grammy’s oldest grandchildren.  Jaye and Michael were happy Grammy had called them. After asking their parents  permission, they told Grammy they could go with her to the lake.  “Be ready by eight o’clock and don’t forget your pajamas” said Grammy.

Next Grammy called the twins, Sophia and Nicholas who were six years old. Grammy knew Sophia would answer the phone.  She always raced her brother to the phone. “Hello, this is Sophia, who is calling please” Sophia said. “Hi Sophia, this is Grammy.  I am going to the lake today. Ask Mom and Dad if you and Nicholas can come with me.  I am taking the oldest children today.” Sophia asked Mom and Nicholas asked Dad.  Grammy heard both parents say “yes” at the same time. “We can go”said Sophia. “Be ready at eight o’clock and don’t forget your pajamas” said Grammy.

Now Grammy needed to call Mac who was six and Sam who was five.  Their Mom answered the phone.  Mac and Sam had three younger brothers and a younger sister, Emma. Mom always tried to answer the phone first. “May Mac and Sam go to the lake with me today?” Grammy asked. “Sure” said Mom.“Have them ready at eight o’clock and don’t forget their pajamas.”said Grammy.

At eight o’clock Grammy picked up Jaye, Michael, Sophia, Nicholas, Mac and Sam.  When everyone finally decided whom they would sit next to and all the seat belts were buckled, everyone waved good-by to Moms, Dads, brothers and sisters.  This was easy because Grammy lived next door to most of her grandchildren.

They all sang their favorite songs as they drove along on this bright sunny day. “How long before we are there?” asked Nicholas.  They all laughed because Grammy always told them not to ask how long but to enjoy the ride.

Jaye said  “Let’s play “I SPY” Mac wanted to be first. “I spy something that starts with french fries” he said. “I think it is time for lunch” said Grammy as Mac giggled.

They stopped at their favorite place for lunch and ordered hamburgers and french fries with lemonade. “Only fifteen minutes more before we reach the lake” said Grammy when lunch was over. The children were getting excited.  They loved the ride down the winding road through the trees to the cottage and the lake. “First to see the lake” they all shouted at once.  Every time Grammy saw the big white house facing the lake it made her happy.  There were many good memories of the times she spent there with her children. Now she enjoyed it even more with her grandchildren.

As soon as the children had put their things away in their rooms and made sure that Grammy didn’t need them to help her, they ran down to the pier. It was too cool for swimming but they knew Grammy would let them fish. “Let’s start digging for worms,” said Michael. “We’ll put them in an old coffee can and be ready when Grammy comes down.” Jaye and Sophia didn’t particularly care for worms but they loved to fish so they agreed to hold the can while the boys put the worms in. “Here comes Grammy,” said Nicholas.  Grammy brought fishing poles and nets. She was happy they had already dug up the worms.  While Grammy put worms on their hooks and helped them drop their lines into the lake, Sam recalled the time Grammy had caught an old boot with her hook.  They had all laughed and asked Grammy how she was going to cook the boot for dinner.

Sophia caught the first fish and by dinnertime they had six fish in all. “It looks like we are going to have a fish fry tonight” said Grammy. When dinner was over and the dishes were done they took a long walk in the woods.  They marked the trail so they could find their way home. Of course, Grammy would never let them get lost but they had fun looking for their clues.

After their hike, Grammy started a fire in the fireplace and the children told stories.  They loved to ask Grammy about the  “olden days  Yes” she would say,  “we had matches when I was a little girl, and cars and hamburgers.” As each child started to yawn Grammy said it was time for bed.  Everyone put on pajamas and thanked Grammy for a wonderful day. “Pancakes for breakfast and a walk in the woods before we head for home tomorrow,” said Grammy as she kissed each child goodnight.

Grammy put out the fire and went to her room.  “How about that” she said. “I forgot my pajamas.”

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