Making him/her Feel Special

Posted by: admin
March 28th, 2011

How much information do I need to know about each child to make him/her feel special?

Over the past fourteen years I have learned that knowing the following information with regard to each child will make you seem brilliant.

  1. Their full name middle names are very important to 6 year olds.
  2. Their teacher’s name.
  3. Their favorite color.
  4. Their birth date and it goes without saying their age.  Papa is good with just the age.  (He can’t remember his own children’s birth dates.)

The name of their (current) best friend.  This is a tough one with girls.  Their best friend changes daily and if they have two best friends, one of them is always on the outs.

Their favorite food.  Logic 101 Grandparents are allowed to feed their grandchildren their favorite food every single time they come to visit.  Michael loves pasta with butter and cheese  Dad says pasta should be eaten with red sauce.  At Dad’s house Michael eats pasta with red sauce.

You’ve heard the saying  no good at being old.  I think that applies to our generation.  We think young and therefore we relate with our grandchildren.  It certainly helps that time has shown us the value of patience and listening.

As we learned in school, doing our homework pays off.  Doing a little homework when it comes to your grandchildren can pay off big time.  My granddaughter, Emma, who is 8 years old, has a signature color.  Her color is green.  Every time I see her I look for the one item in green that she is wearing.  She loves that I recognize her particular flair.

These few simple things will make each child feel he/she is your favorite.

The important word here is “feel”.