Sophia and the Summer Job

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March 28th, 2011

“Nine is a wonderful age,” said Mom.“Great,” said Sophia.  What was she going to do all summer?  Swim team would be fun but it wasn’t everyday and was over by the middle of July.  Sophia needed something important to do for the summer. Taking care of her sisters or walking the dog was not what she had in mind. Sophia knew Mom would think both of those things would be great ideas. “I need a plan so Mom will see I am too busy to watch three little sisters or play with Bruno,” Sophia thought.

Sophia’s twin brother Nick had already promised Uncle Mike he would put his garbage cans at the curb every Tuesday and bring them back to his garage after the garbage man had emptied them.  Uncle Mike was going to pay Nick two dollars every week for this job.  “That’s what I need,” said Sophia “a job with responsibility so I can earn money.”

Who was going to hire a nine year old girl for the summer and pay her to work? “Maybe I could answer phones in an office,” thought Sophia. “I could be very polite and take messages for the people in the office.” Sophia told Nick about her plan. “Sophia,” said Nick, “no one is going to hire a nine year old to work in an office. “Besides, remember how you took that message for Mom from Miss Wilson at the library.” Sophia started to laugh.  She did mess up that phone message.  She had written Mom a note that said

Dear Mom,
Miss Will’s son is lying in the prairie.
Please call her at 555-0000.


“Okay, maybe I can’t be a secretary yet.” Sophia admitted.  Sophia knew her job would have to be close to home because she could not drive a car and she was not allowed to cross the street without a grown up.  What was she going to do?
“I’ll bet Grammy will have a solution,” thought Sophia.  Because Grammy lived so close, it was easy for Sophia to go visit her.

“Hi Grammy” said Sophia when Grammy opened her door. “How are you today?” asked Grammy.”I’m great,” said Sophia “but I have a problem and I thought you could help me. I need to get a job. Nick said no one would hire me because I’m too young but there must be something I can do.”

“I might have a solution,” said Grammy. “You will have to interview for this job and if you pass the test, I think you will be hired. It only pays $2.00 a week.” “That’s perfect!” shouted Sophia, “that’s how much Nick is making. “Is it an important job?” “Will my boss be nice?” “Do I have to dress up every day? “Do I have to make coffee?” Grammy started to laugh. She knew Sophia was always excited about something new. “Slow down,” said Grammy.  “Are you ready for the interview?” Sophia had a big smile on her face.  She realized that Grammy was going to be her new boss if she passed the test for the job.  She sat at Grammy’s table and folded her hands. “Nice to meet you” she said. “I am here for the job interview.” Grammy sat down and began the interview. “How old are you?” she asked even though she knew. “I am nine years old,” said Sophia. “Have you ever held a job before?” asked Grammy. “I have jobs to do at my house like feed the dog and clean my room but I have never had a job where someone paid me to be very responsible,” said Sophia.  Grammy took out a piece of paper and began to write.  She told Sophia that she would have to take a small test before she could be hired.

This is what Grammy wrote:

  1. Are you afraid of water?
  2. Are you dependable?
  3. Can you spend one hour each week at your job?
  4. Do you like to be outside?
  5. Do you know anything about weather?
  6. Do you know anything about plants?
  7. What would you do if you were unable to do your job one day?
  8. Would you like to be paid weekly?

Grammy handed Sophia the paper. “Please write your answers and then I will decide if you are the right person for the job.” Sophia began to write.  These were her answers.

  1. I am on swim team and I am not afraid of water.
  2. I am very dependable.  If I promise to do something I will do it. (Don’t ask Mom she doesn’t always remember things the same way I do)
  3. Yes, I can spend one hour a week at a job.  I can spend two hours if you need me.
  4. I love to be outside.
  5. I know when it rains or snows or if it is a sunny day or cloudy day.  I know when it is too hot or too cold. I know I don’t like thunder or lightning.
  6. I learned about plants in school.  They have roots in the soil, a stem to get water to their leaves and they need sunshine to make their leaves green.
  7. I would ask Nick to do my job. I would pay him fifty cents.  I would tell my boss that I could not work but that a very dependable young man would be doing my job that day.
  8. I would like to be paid strongly.

Grammy had to laugh as she read Sophia’s answers. “Your hired,” she told Sophia. “What is the job?” Sophia asked anxiously. “One day a week I need you to water my three special gardens. Each garden needs to be watered for 20 minutes.  They will not need water if it has rained a lot during the week but you will be able to see if the soil is still wet from rain.  If it has been too hot all week you may have to water each garden longer than usual. I will pay you $2.00 every Saturday.  Do you want the job?”

“Oh yes!” said Sophia, “ I will be the best gardener.  I will even pick the dead leaves off the plants and there will be no extra charge.  I will let you know when one of your beautiful flowers is ready to pick or if a plant looks sick.”

“That is a good deal.” Said Grammy.  Sophia and Grammy shook hands.  Sophia skipped home with a big smile on her face.  She now had an important summer job.

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