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March 24th, 2011

Baby Boomer grandparents are more involved with their grandchildren’s lives than any other generation of grandparents. You will see today’s grandparents at their grandchildren’s sporting events, school plays, ballet performances, eating with them at fast food restaurants and having fun at play lots.

I loved my grandmother dearly but she did not play dolls with me nor take me to the movies nor go ice-skating. She read to me and played board games. We saw her on Sundays. I see my grandchildren every day. My situation is unique because they all live so close. But it isn’t unusual in today’s world for children to see grandparents who live thousands of miles away at least once a month. The computer has enabled us to keep in touch daily. We are young grandparents. Not in age but in spirit. We may not try the skateboard but we don’t mind running along side to make sure there are no scraped knees.

That first grandchild wins your heart immediately. When you are driving down the road and you think about that baby you can’t help but smile. Even more fascinating, when you are driving down the road with that baby in the car, you start pointing out things you normally wouldn’t notice. See the blue truck. You get the idea.

From that point on you are hooked. It doesn’t matter how many grandchildren you have (I have twenty), each one becomes special and each one has that unique personality trait that endears them to you. So my intention on this site is to share some fun things to do with your grandchildren, explain how to write short stories about your adventures with them and to chat about specific situations. We have a great opportunity to show our grandchildren that less is more. That family is important. That giving is more important than receiving. I hope you enjoy it.