Gift Giving

Posted by: admin
March 28th, 2011

What about gift giving?

I’m not a big gift buyer. TIME is my gift to my grandchildren. Renting a cottage at the lake for a week and having everyone together so cousins can interact is a great way to enjoy your family. Writing them letters. Going out for ice cream or going ice-skating. I happen to be lucky enough to still be able to skate at my age. Take a long walk and let the child pick the topic for discussion.

Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. One per child. Try not to make your gift overshadow what Mom and Dad have given to their children. We have all seen the child who unwraps a gift, throws it aside and says what else?

When you visit grandchildren who live out of town, it’s fine to bring a present but the gift shouldn’t overshadow your visit.

I confess that I always keep bubble gum in my pocket. Sometimes my coat gets more attention than I do.

Over the years I have written short stories about each of my grandchildren or all of them collectively which relate to things we have done together. Check out GRAMMY’S STORIES below. When asked by my grandchildren to be their special guest at school, they usually ask me to read the story about them to their class. I have saved each story and hope it will be a treasured gift for years to come.

It doesn’t take money, it takes ingenuity.