The Summer Sled

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March 28th, 2011

It was June 2nd and it was Elena’s second birthday.  Elena ran to see her cousin Ben who had turned two on May 1st.  Elena and Ben were the best of friends.  They always played together. “Let’s go see Grammy,  said Ben.  Grammy lived next door to most of her grandchildren. Only Abby lived in another town.  Grammy was always happy to see Ben and Elena.  They were almost like twins. “Hi Grammy said Ben and Elena. “Hello to both of you and a happy birthday to you, Elena,  said Grammy. “I have a wonderful surprise for you today. We are all going sledding for Elena’s birthday. “No snow,  said Elena. “Of course there is no snow,  laughed Grammy  “it is June. Elena and Ben sat looking at each other. “Let’s ring the bell and call your brothers, sisters and cousins so we can go sledding,  said Grammy.  Ben and Elena loved to ring the big old bell in Grammy’s yard.  All of the grandchildren knew that when the bell rang, Grammy had something special planned.  Because it was her birthday, Elena rang the bell first.  Then it was Ben’s turn.

It only took two rings before Michael, Mac, Nick and Sam came running from their fort under the old pine tree.  They had been playing army and their faces were smudged with dirt.  Next came Emma and Grace from the playhouse dressed as princesses.  Finally Jaye and Sophia heard the bell and hopped off the scooters they had been racing around the driveway.  Abby was visiting Jack today and as they both toddled across the yard they shouted “me coming.”  Grammy picked up each one and kissed their smiling faces.  Abby and Jack squirmed in Grammy’s arms.

As the children gathered around, Grammy explained that in honor of Elena’s birthday they were all going sledding. “Sledding”  asked Nick. “I think Grammy’s confused, said Jaye. “There’s no snow!  said Mac and Sam at the same time. “No snow”, said Elena.

“We don’t need snow to go sledding today,  said Grammy,  “follow me” All of the children followed Grammy into her garage.  On the floor was a large brown box.

“Michael, please help me open this box,” said Grammy.  Michael held one end of the box while Grammy opened it and pulled out a bright red sled. “Oh”, said Sophia “it is so pretty.” “No snow,” said Elena.  Grammy set the sled down on the ground. “Look,” said Grace  “this sled has wheels.  I never saw a sled with wheels before.

“Yes,” said Grammy “our sled has wheels.” She smiled at Elena. “No snow”,  said Grammy  “we don’t need snow to go sledding on Elena’s birthday.  Grammy and the children pulled the sled to the hill in Grammy’s front yard. “Elena gets the first ride on our new sled because today is her birthday,” said Grammy.  Elena sat on the bright red sled.  She put her feet up and held on tight.  With one big push from Grammy, Elena flew down the hill with the warm sun on her face.  “No snow,” she said “no snow on my birthday!”

The children took turns beginning with the next youngest, Abby, and as each one went down the hill they yelled “no snow.” When everyone had had a turn they asked Grammy to take a ride.  It took four of the older children to push Grammy and the bright red sled down the hill. “No snow on Elena’s birthday, shouted Grammy as she flew down the hill.

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