Charlie and the Wind

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March 28th, 2011

In the Windy City,  April was living up to the name.  Grammy and Charlie were in the yard picking up toys.  “Stop  that,” Charlie said. “What?’ asked Grammy.  “He’s touching me” said Charlie.  Charlie had five brothers so Grammy thought he was kidding her.  “Let’s pick up the balls in Uncle Mike’s yard” said Grammy.  “Okay” said Charlie who was three “but he keeps touching me.”  “There is no one here with us” said Grammy.  “But he keeps touching me and pushing me,” said Charlie.  “Who?” asked Grammy.  “The ghost.” said Charlie.  “I don’t think there are any ghosts in our yard,” said Grammy.  “But I can’t see him” said Charlie “and he keeps pushing me.”  All of a sudden Charlie’s hat blew away.  “See, Grammy, now he took my hat.”  Grammy smiled at Charlie.  “I think the ghost has a name after all,” she said.  “What’s the ghost’s name?” asked Charlie  “It’s called the wind,” Grammy said.  “I don’t think I like the wind,” said Charlie “he doesn’t play fair.”

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