Hot Air Balloons

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March 28th, 2011

There was a commercial on television showing miniature hot air balloons rising above a campfire with really moving music playing. Going on the internet, we found plans for making hot air balloons out of tissue paper, gondolas from copy paper and birthday candles for propulsion. After three hours, we had finally constructed two hot air balloons. We immediately went outside, lit the candles that we had melted to the bottom of the gondolas and watched the balloons rise for all of ten feet before they caught on fire. There had to be a better way. Here are our newly revised, sure fire directions for making hot air balloons.


Plastic cups from jello or pudding.
2. Ribbon (the kind you can curl with the side of the scissors) or string.
3. Balloons
4. A helium tank (You can purchase kits from most party stores that include the tank and balloons)
5. A one-hole punch


1. Punch a hole into each side of the plastic cup near the top rim directly opposite from each other.
2. Blow up the balloons (one for each child)
3. Cut a piece of string long enough to tie the center to the balloon and each end through the holes in the cup. About 18 inches.

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