Coffee and Conversation

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March 28th, 2011

I have managed to reach my current age (which by mandate of my grandson, Sam, shall always remain at 58) without ever drinking a cup of coffee.  My mother kept a small perculator pot on the stove 24 hours a day and it never ran out of coffee which always smelled so good.  I never had the urge to try it.  However, I do have fond memories of my aunts and my mother having great conversations while drinking coffee in our kitchen.  When my two grandsons, Mac and Sam, accompanied me to the grocery store one Sunday, they asked if we could go to the local coffee house and have coffee and conversation.  Since they are 11 and 12 it seemed like a strange request but I agreed and so off we went.  At the counter, Mac, the oldest, asked for an Iced Mocha Latte and Sam said “I’ll have the same.”  Chuckling to myself I ordered a lemonade and a few cookies for them.  As we sat talking about how fast the summer was going and what they were going to do at sports camp the following week, I watched them both gingerly sipping their Lattes through a straw.  When 30  minutes had passed and it appeared  it might take much longer for them to finish, I said we should head home before our groceries melted.  I then suggested  they  throw the balance of the lattes away so we could leave.  Both boys immediately tossed their cups in the garbage stating they didn’t want my groceries to melt. With a grown-up smile, Sam said “Next time I’m going to order lemonade.”  “Me too,” said Mac.  The conversation was grand, the coffee still smelled good.

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